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Talent Factory: learning without borders

In today’s world, emigration is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon, providing both new opportunities and challenges for children and adults. Adapting to a new culture and integrating into German society and the school environment are important steps for children and adults moving to Germany. How can this challenge be overcome, what courses and programs can help children and adults in this difficult process?

All programs of our center are based on my many years of experience in the German education system. I know all the requirements of the Bavarian educational system from the inside and can help children go through the integration stage easily. The courses are based on the school curriculum of the Federal State of Bavaria. We offer classes in Russian, very smoothly and at a comfortable pace moving to German vocabulary. Thus, gradually, step by step, the child is included in the educational process in a public school, without losing motivation for learning and maintaining a positive attitude.

We happily accept all children of our vast Earth, without dividing anyone into ethnic groups. For us there is only one big group – CHILDREN. It doesn’t matter where the families come from, we are all united by one thing – to improve our lives and the lives of our children in Germany. Our goal is to help children successfully adapt to German school and German society in general. Despite all the difficulties associated with emigration, it is important to remain calm. We understand that emigrating can be a challenging time in life and it is important to remain confident in your success. The Talent Factory team is ready to provide you with all the necessary support and assistance. We have created an environment where your child can reach their potential while learning in a friendly and supportive environment. Trust us, and we will help your child successfully adapt and achieve their goals!

Alla Ball – founder of the integration, educational and development center “Talent Factory”


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We have created a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which every child feels accepted and can develop without fear and limitations.

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