Hello! I am Cosmic!

I was born very, very far from here. So far that no car can get there. And you can’t even fly there by plane. Everything is Wrong on the planet. From here it is impossible to see it even with the most powerful telescope. That’s how far it is!

One time I was flying in space on my spaceship on various space matters, when suddenly! Bang, boom, trrrrrr… It was sooo scary. I think I hit an asteroid. Or an asteroid at me. Or we crashed together, I don’t know. We had to urgently look for a planet for an emergency landing. That’s how I ended up here in Bavaria.

I found myself there and immediately got lost. I don’t understand anything, everyone is somehow strange. There’s nothing green around. And they speak so strangely and incomprehensibly. They repeat all the time: “The salt is theirs, the salt is theirs…” And they look so attentively, so attentively. But I don’t need salt, I’m not going to salt anything… I’d first like to figure out where I’ve ended up and what to do next!

And then I saw Sonya. That is, it was she who saw me. And somehow I realized how scared and unclear everything was to me. And that I was completely lost. She didn’t say anything, she just came up to me, smiled and invited me to come with her. Without words, but I understood everything! Hooray! I think I made a friend!

And then I went to school. Now I can’t fly back, which means I need to learn to live here. It was so hard, oh-oh-oh! I have never had such a hard time in my life! How to learn lessons if the teacher does not understand you, and you do not understand the teacher? I look at the board and there are some incomprehensible tricks written there. I listen to the teacher, but all I hear is my ears ringing with frustration!

What would I do without Sonya! Every day she supported me, little by little explained new words, helped with homework and showed me how life here works. And little by little, school became simple and understandable for me. And I have so many friends now! Lots of friends! And Sonya is my closest and best friend.