Courses for preschoolers


A step towards a successful start in a German state school

Parents whose children are going to first grade are anxious and worried. And imagine how hard it is for children. Changes in environment and familiar surroundings, absence of friends – continuous stress.. Calm down, don’t panic! We will prepare your child for a new important stage in life – for school life in an unfamiliar social foreign language environment. Everything will be fine!


Creativity from natural materials

Unbelievable! You will learn that pine cones are not just pine cones, but real magical treasures for creating castles and fairy-tale characters! Leaves will become wings, and pebbles can be used to build a bridge to a fantasy world!



Занимательная георграфия

Где растут пальмы и живут кенгуру? Какой цитрусовый город Коста-Рики можно положить в чай? Скоро узнаешь! Поспеши, мы каждый день отправляемся в удивительные путешествия по загадочным континентам!



Маленькие шаги, большие возможности: курсы раннего развития