Frequently Asked Questions

There is no place for boring lessons and cramming at the talent factory. Our goal is to involve children in the fascinating world of knowledge, develop their curiosity and teach them to experience joy and pleasure from the process of acquiring new knowledge.

We offer a unique education based on the curriculum of the state schools of Bavaria. This program is designed to meet modern educational requirements, and we are proud to use it to teach children. Join us and see for yourself that learning can be fun and effective. We will be happy to help your child reach their potential and achieve success in their studies and life.

Our goal is to help children feel confident at school. Our teachers work with children in small groups in their native language, gradually switching to German to help them master and understand the school material better. Our approach to teaching is interesting and stimulating for children, and as a pleasant bonus, both children and parents notice an improvement in their grades at school.

Our talent center's experienced teachers master the art of balancing concentration and relaxation, providing optimal conditions for learning. During the learning process, children are immersed in a fascinating flow, where one phase smoothly flows into another, without overloading their receptive minds.

Our teachers are highly qualified specialists with pedagogical education from the CIS countries and additional German education. They have many years of experience working with children both in the CIS countries and in Germany.

Yes, the classes will help to overcome the language barrier. Our teachers are specially trained to work with children with language difficulties and will help them improve their language skills through systematic lessons and practical exercises. Classes begin with teaching in Russian and gradually move to German. This method will help the child gradually overcome the language barrier and better understand and master the second language. A smooth transition from the native language to German will facilitate the process of mastering a new language and will help the child feel more confident in the lessons. Without a doubt, this method is the most effective and will help your child to master the German language better.

To provide each child with an individual approach and maximum attention, our groups are formed from five children. To create a comfortable learning environment, the maximum number of students in a group is no more than ten

We are planning to conduct classes remotely soon. We will definitely notify you when we open the online platform.

Good mood!

To participate in the educational process, our young students will need a study pencil case with a mandatory set of stationery - a pencil, eraser, sharpener, colored pencils and a ruler, as well as a change of shoes. Our students are provided with everything they need for classes

Of course, if there are free places in the groups, we are happy to accept everyone.

Сlasses are held in two languages: Russian and German. We structure the learning process in such a way that we start with explanations in Russian, especially of complex topics and materials, and then smoothly switch to German speech. Thus, children not only understand complex terminology in German, but can also actively work in lessons at a German school, fully integrating into the educational process and achieving success in all lessons. Our goal is to ensure full integration in a German school and give children the opportunity to fully participate in school life

We adhere to strict safety measures and care about the health of each child, so we do not arrange common snacks during classes. We have a cooler with clean water in the hallway so that children can drink at any time. For children who participate in several classes in a row, we provide a special snack break, children bring their own lunch box.

Please note that we ask you to avoid products with nuts, so as not to cause an allergic reaction in other children if a child suddenly wants to share their lunch with friends. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in creating a safe and comfortable environment for all participants in our classes

Dear moms and dads, your presence at the classes is not required. The children are led by an experienced teacher who cares about them and ensures an interesting and exciting learning process. Allow yourself to relax and do your own thing - your children are in good hands!