Advanced course in local history

Gold reserve: preserving school knowledge. We will help your child firmly remember the material covered in the past academic year for an easy start in the new one!

How many small children understand the word “must”?

When you, for example, offer a child a bad-tasting medicine, no amount of “should” usually works. Children will be children. Here you have tears, hysteria, and the most artistic “dying swan” in the world, who simultaneously experiences stomach pain, headache, nausea, and ear pain from this medicine…

Likewise, when you say “it’s time to learn local history,” an older child first gets sleepy, then is drawn to the refrigerator, then is inevitably overcome by a terrible thirst, and of course after that he needs to go to the toilet for about an hour and a half… And so on in an endless circle.

But children understand perfectly well when something is tasty, fun, and interesting for them. Any activity served under this sauce – and he’s first in line, tugging at your sleeve, and walking around like a cat waiting for sour cream: “Mom, when? Are you coming soon?”

Any, absolutely any topic can be told in an interesting and exciting way. There are no uninteresting subjects, only boring teachers. And local history is also very interesting, and also useful. Sometimes we only realize this as adults, and it’s not always that scary. But in the case of the subject “regional history” in Germany, everything is more complicated.

Your child’s future depends on his or her grades in this subject. After all, for the transition from primary school to further education, grades in three subjects are important: mathematics, German, and local history. They form an overall score that determines where your child will study next. And if you want your child to go to school, you will have to somehow interest him.

Our HSU course – Local History is what you need. The course gives children in-depth knowledge of the state of Bavaria, where they will live and study, in a way that is interesting to them. The child will not fall asleep during our lessons. He will be happy to learn a lot of new things himself, and then, when he comes home, he will teach you too. It will not be boring!

The course is designed to expand the horizons of knowledge and deepen understanding of the world around us. HSU (Heimat- und Sachunterricht) is a fun way to explore the environment, culture and history of the land that has become your second home.

We discover the fascinating world of knowledge about the Land of Bavaria.

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