General course (mathematics, German and local history)

Gold reserve: preserving school knowledge. We will help your child firmly remember the material covered in the past academic year for an easy start in the new one!

Do you know how many types of memory there are? at the computer? Just two. Operational memory is a temporary, working memory. And the hard drive is where the data can be be stored a very long time. As long as the disk itself lives.

Au man? Science distinguishes between humans eleven types of memory! Just imagine how complex our brain is. To remember something, we use eleven ways of remembering! Now think about what endless possibilities are embedded in each of us. And especially in children. After all, a child’s developing brain is very flexible and absorbs information like a sponge. And if done correctly help him use all available methods of memorization, his studies will be easy and effortless.

The main task of the teacher is to help the child transfer all knowledge into the library of long-term memory, and teach him to use it. The learned information can be stored there for life.

But first it must go through a chain of memory: immediate memory, short-term memory, working memory, and only then long-term memory. And there are also several paths along which information passes through this entire chain: auditory memory, tactile, olfactory, visual, gustatory, mechanical, emotional. In memory

A competent teacher uses them all, based on the inclinations of each individual child. One remembers better by ear, another by sight, and a third by rewriting, that is, mechanically. But there is one general rule for everyone. To transfer any knowledge into long-term memory, it must be repeated many times.

Our course “Remember Everything” will help your child firmly consolidate the knowledge acquired during the year, so that by the next school year he can easily find it in his “memory library” and apply it to good use – on the path to new knowledge.

The course will be useful for all children regardless of age and academic performance, since repetition learned is the main tool of any learning. But the course will especially help children who have difficulty memorization educational material. Our teachers approach the teaching of each child taking into account his natural abilities, actively using those types of memorization that are best for him.

The course will help each child to firmly consolidate in memory the material covered in the past academic year, as well as to connect the knowledge already acquired with new ones, who are still waiting for children in the next class. Classes will be held at a comfortable pace – only once a week for three months, from May to early August. Such a smooth transition will be the key to a successful and easy start to the new school year. And then school will become a pleasure.

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