Secrets of nature

Group for preschoolers aged 3-6 years

Do you think it is possible to measure a dissertation in hedgehogs made from pine cones? And a serious environmental project – in little people made of acorns? How many pictures of dry autumn leaves are needed to create “Morning in a Pine Forest”?

It’s hard to say how many hedgehogs fit into the dissertation. But one thing is certain – they are there! And most likely, in the company of little people, dried autumn bouquets and panels made from different types of cereals…

Every adult was once a child. All our serious achievements were laid there, in childhood. When we created these funny hedgehogs, trying to stick the curious nose where it should be, we developed our imagination, thinking, fine motor skills, and learned to finish what we started. And also – they acquired a love for nature and the world around them, learned to treat it with care, developed observation skills and learned a lot about amazing natural phenomena, collecting everything necessary for creativity together with the family.

And even though such crafts do not last long, what they give to a child remains for life.

Nature gives us a huge amount of beauty and inspiration. In our course “Creativity from Natural Materials” we will explore the world around us with children and, using its gifts, learn to create and bring to life the most original ideas. This is an incredibly important experience for children, which helps them become goal-oriented and self-confident: I thought of something – I did it.

Classes in the “Creativity from Natural Materials” courses give children many valuable skills and opportunities:

  • Developing creative thinking and imagination: Working with natural materials allows children to express their individuality and imagination, creating unique works and revealing their creative potential.
  • Sensory development: Children learn to see the beauty and uniqueness of nature, feel the texture of various materials by touch, and also develop fine motor skills.
  • Respect for the environment: Familiarization with natural materials helps develop ecological thinking in children and teaches them to treat nature and resources with care.
  • Supporting Emotional Well-Being: Creative Process with Natural Materials Positively Affects Children’s Emotional State
  • Children learn to listen to each other, express their thoughts and ideas, and find compromises in the process of joint creativity.
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence: Creating their own art from natural materials helps children feel a sense of accomplishment, which helps to increase their self-esteem and confidence.

Unbelievable! You will learn that pine cones are not just pine cones, but real magical treasures for creating castles and fairy-tale characters! the leaves will become wings, and from the pebbles we will build a bridge to the world of fantasy!

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