Hello! And my name is Sonya!

I was born and raised in Bavaria. I know everything here, this is my beloved homeland.

I also really love making friends. I’m really good at it. Probably because I always notice the best in my friends and rejoice with them.

My friends are very different, that’s why we have so much fun and interesting time together. And we always help each other if things are difficult and something doesn’t work out.

One day I was walking in the park and suddenly, right out of the sky, with a terrible roar and whistle, a huge thing that looked like a cucumber – long and green – fell. She fell so hard that she seemed to break. A door opened in the cucumber and a small and very strange someone came out. Green, with a long tail and huge frightened eyes. At first, everyone around was also scared, and then they surrounded him and began to ask one after another how they could help him.

Poor someone! He couldn’t understand anything! He just turned his head, twitched his tail and moved his funny ear-antennas. And in the huge eyes there are tears! At this point I couldn’t stand it any longer and took matters into my own hands. Everyone needs friends! Even if you’re green and have antennas, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you feel bad now, and I can help.

I just walked up to him and offered friendship. And he understood and smiled at me too! Hooray! I have a new friend, and we will teach each other everything we already know and can do ourselves! It’s so cool!

Now Kosmik is studying at my school. I helped him learn our language and get to know our country better. He quickly got used to it and turned out to be very smart, he studies better than everyone else! And now he helps everyone with their studies and more. And now he’s my best friend!